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So many times people become upset as they are continually telling someone what should be achieved without results. They nag and nag about the issue but nothing changes. Then they attempt to recruit others to join the sport of trying to inspire through repeated conversation. Over time, the conversation has the same power as Charlie Brown’s teacher.
Eventually the target of the chatter gets angry and starts pointing the finger in the reformer! They deflect the issue onto the person who is trying to bring positive change.
Are you a nag? Have you been trying to”fix” or change another person who’s not responding the way you want? Are you noticing that another person’s situation is worsening and that you are wearing down?
Unfortunately, however dysfunctional someone’s life seems to be, that person will never change unless they believe that life isn’t working for them anymore. It’s not you judgment or opinion or hints that will make the difference. No matter how positive you are or how eager to offer support, your activities are only wearing you down.
Here are some things that you can do otherwise:
Concentrate on your own behaviour. Make certain that you are practicing self-care with healthy eating, sleeping and accessing resources that will build you up.
Clearly, and without emotion, write down the things you have valued about the other person and the things you want to see changed.
Insert a deadline to your request saying that you will talk again on the deadline to talk about what is going to happen next based on the situation at that time.
State positive and negative consequences of their actions without threatening the other person. For instance, if you pass your biology exam we will head out for dinner to celebrate. If you abuse me in the future, I will the call authorities.
Don’t let their crisis become your crisis. If you have plans and the other individual is demanding or dramatic, don’t get derailed but instead continue with your plans.
Make sure that you’re not doing what you’re asking the other person to stop or start doing! If you would like them to get up earlier in the day, make sure you’re up. If you want them to clean up their desk, then ensure that yours is clean.
Let another person make their choices and experience the consequences without even trying to”save” them.
Do not expect another person to believe or do things the way that you would.
Enjoy the serenity that results when you learn how to live and let live.
Ways of Dealing With Others

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