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Imagine you’re driving home and your smart phone begins to ring. Digging it out of your pockets and moving the cursor to unlock it’s such a hassle, especially if you are attempting to keep your eyes on the road. Everybody struggles with this, and it is not just phone calls which are affected. Playing music, reading texts and viewing maps can be difficult.

Some Volvo vehicles have learned how to circumvent this. You can use the best features of your Apple iPhone without distracted driving. How is this possible? Simply integrate your iPhone to the car’s dashboard and display for effortless access.

The app that’s changing the way we think about driving is called Apple CarPlay. This program is one of the best iPhone experiences for drivers, provided you get a constant signal. All the driver needs to do is plug the iPhone in and the features will appear on the LCD display in front of them.

Touch to talk: CarPlay allows users to access phoning, texting, music and mapping features by touching the car’s LCD screen. This works exactly like the iPhone does. Users can also utilize Siri to carry out certain functions. This can be activated by touching a steering wheel . CarPlay also works with knobs and dials in the vehicle.

Apple Maps: Being able to get Apple Maps and receive turn-by-turn directions is very useful. CarPlay will also keep you updated on traffic situations and your estimated arrival time.

Music: CarPlay is an easy way to enjoy the music stored in your iTunes library. The app can play iTunes Radio if you would like a larger number that goes beyond your normal playlists.

Additional programs: Please bear in mind that CarPlay can interact with a number of different iPhone programs. Music can be streamed from programs like Spotify, Beats Music or iHeartRadio. CarPlay can even check baseball scores, screen live broadcasts and other functions. Many more apps are becoming compatible with the CarPlay system.
CarPlay is one of the greatest ways you can utilize your iPhone while driving and it is only available in select Volvo models. Stop messing with your iPhone while driving and take advantage of this program offers. Find your place on a map, send a text or answer a call from your dashboard with a fast swipe of your finger, or use your voice to make the entire process even easier.

Apple Carplay

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